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Museum of Cycladic Art

From the islands to Athens

An ark devoted to the promotion of the ancient civilizations of the Aegean and Cyprus.





The Museum of Cycladic Art, in the center of Athens, is devoted to the promotion of the ancient civilizations of the Aegean and Cyprus, placing particular emphasis on Cycladic Art of the 3rd millennium BC. Its Collection of Cycladic Art is amongst the most important in the world. The simple marble figurines depicting naked human figures never fail to fascinate in their cleanness and abstraction of form, elements which inspired 20th century artists such as Brancusi, Modigliani, Giacometti, Hepworth and Moore.

More than 350 pieces, representative of the various phases of the Early Cycladic civilization, which flourished on the islands of the central Aegean dating from 3200 to 2000 BC, are displayed on the first floor. The second floor is dedicated to ancient Greek art from 2000 BC to the 4th century AD. Through exhibits and multimedia applications, the visitor can follow social and political developments since the birth and during the course of ancient Greek culture until its creative pairing with Roman tradition, while one section is particularly focused on ancient Greek technology. On the third floor, Thanos N. Zintilis’s collection of Cypriot Antiquities includes more than 550 objects dating from the Chalcolithic to the Medieval and Post-Byzantine periods (4th millennium BC – 15th century AD). On the fourth level, scenes from daily life in antiquity are shown by way of an original museological approach which narrates the life of an Athenian citizen from infancy to adulthood and all the way to his death through 142 ancient artefacts (vases, figurines, jewellery and beauty accessories, weapons).



In addition to its archaeological exhibitions, the Museum of Cycladic Art regularly holds exhibitions of contemporary art, bringing the public in touch with significant 20th century artists and exploring the profound connection between ancient art and contemporary artistic expression.

A visit to the Museum may conclude with a coffee or meal at the Cycladic Café, which combines the simple Cycladic forms with authentic flavours of the Cyclades. The new event “Taste of Culture”, a unique experience of taste and culture, takes place there. It includes a tour of the museum’s exhibits themed “wine in antiquity” and is followed by a cheese tasting (“Aegean Cheese & Wine”, every Thursday, 18.30 – 21.00) or a full Aegean menu (“Aegean Taste”, every Friday 12.30 – 15.00) accompanied by wine by Greek producers (for further information and ticket sales please visit www.trip2taste.com).

The new Cycladic Shop, inspired by the simplicity of Cycladic Art is where one can find original creations by Greek and foreign designers, inspired by the Museum’s collections.

(Neophytou Douka 4/ Vasilissis Sofias & Irodotou 1, tel. 210 7228321-3, www.cycladic.gr – Metro: Evangelismos/ Syntagma)



Views of the exhibition halls and showpieces, the museum shop and objects inspired by its collections, and the Cycladic Café.