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An open invitation to world travellers

Greek Hospitality is nominated for a Nobel prize


I am writing this editorial while Europe is going through overwhelming historical moments, trying to manage the largest migration waves since World War II.

As a Greek and a European, I am obviously observing how my fellow citizens behave towards a problem no one can hide from. Through their actions,
they show the profound democratic awareness and heightened sense of hospitality that is innate in Greeks since antiquity. That’s why Greek islanders
have been nominated for a Nobel peace award. That’s why I urge all world travellers to make Greece their destination this year, for the safety and
hospitality which have struck a chord with the entire humankind.

From antiquity to today, Greeks have placed great importance on good manners when receiving foreigners. Their customs required so. No other people
had established Hospitality by subjecting it to the supervision of not just any god, but of the most significant one, Zeus, king of the gods of Mount Olympus,
who was actually called Zeus Xenios, Philoxenon, or Hospites, as the patron of hospitality (“xenia” in Greek) and guests, avenger of wrongs done to strangers.

A safe and hospitable country, Greece calls on you to acquaint yourselves with its civilisation and culture, to experience the greek light – a light like no other,
which fuelled groundbreaking advances that have become points of reference the world over – and to travel your senses savouring greek products and gastronomy.

In terms of experiences, you will find that choosing Greece as your destination is one of the most precious gifts you can offer yourself.

I wish you all a wonderful spring and a life full of colours and fragrances.


Adriani Orphanou Zounali

Editor in Chief



... I fear nothing, I am free!

Nikos Kazantzakis


This editorial is being written a few days after the tremendous occurrence of the Paris attacks. As a person and as a world traveller, I find myself, yet again, reflecting on the Latin “carpe diem”: seize the day. Life is but moments, happiness is but moments, and in order to experience them we must feel free. Wonderful moments owing to journeys, because we all travel in pursuit of “feeding” our senses. Greece has always been a safe and blessed country. You can enjoy it all through the seasons, savouring the unique light, the enchanting winter landscapes, the unique local products and local gastronomy starting from the 4th century BC, when Archestratus created the first cooking handbook in the world. Greece is a paradise for all the senses.

Do not let fear undermine you and transform you into prisoners in your own homes. Epictetus said that no one is free unless one is the master of oneself. People distress not by what is happening but by its ascribed interpretation. In his “Enchiridion”, or “Handbook”, Epictetus imposes philosophy on the psychology of those challenged by negative emotions during hardship. Greeks, since antiquity and to this day, advise one another to “philosophise things” when confronting difficulties. Take this piece of advice with you, as a piece of Greece itself.

Aristotle, that great ancient philosopher, used to say that we live by our feelings and not by the hours counted by the clock. We should measure time with each beat of our heart. To dream of the things we want to happen, not of the ones we do not want. To think and feel positively. To focus on the present and the reasons that make us rejoice; because according to Aristotle, happiness is the meaning and purpose of life.

Being Greek, I always have this outlook perhaps because positive thinking and good life have been introduced by the ancient Greeks. This planet we live on is full of beautiful things and only in journeys can we savour them and experience moments of happiness. I wish for a wonderful year full of travelling, the year of the Monkey for our Chinese readers.


Adriani Orphanou Zounali

Εditor in Chief