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Premium Greek Design

Veritable heroes

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary greeting card that is also a great souvenir, then it’s time to…Meet the Greeks!


There are ancient gods, like Zeus, Aphrodite and Apollo; mythological creatures, like Hercules, Medusa and Minotaur; but also traditional characters,

like the Evzone, the Orthodox Priest and the Greek Lover. And it is now possible to take them home with you as souvenirs, or even send them flat packed  

by post, thanks to “Meet the Greeks”, a range of paper cut-and-fold cartoon figures created by the DKD studio. “The idea was to bring out something fresh 

and new amongst the plethora of ‘tacky’ local souvenirs,” say designers Petros Dimopoulos and John Karatzas. “Having such a rich heritage, the list of

potential characters is simply endless. Adding a pop kind of aesthetic with some wittiness give the figures their identity.” 

* www.dkdstudio.net & www.hartovasilion.gr