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In Greece, opportunities are abundant and attractive in a wide variety of sectors, with that of real estate being the most prominent. Selling prices on a lot of significant properties have been reduced up to 80% while the average price reduction of the whole Greek real estate sector has been more than 45%. Remarkably, Athens rebounds and claims the 5th place, moving up 23 places amongst European countries in real estate investments (emerging Trends in real estate Europe 2015). With Greece hesitantly pulling out of recession after six years due to fiscal adjustment starting in 2009, international investment funds are focusing on the market, and locals are very upbeat about an upturn. Europe’s hardest-hit economy remains fragile. Real estate investments in Greece now is an opportunity for ‘‘high yield initiatives’’.

  • At the moment, the local scene is in a bit of a standstill while the selling market, at rock bottom prices, has been increasing rapidly, due to liquidity needs.
  • Property prices have almost reached their limit down.
  • A lot of unique properties are in the market, offering a variety of attractive investment options.
  • Greece is a beautiful country with wonderful landscapes, amazing islandsand great history and culture of thousands of years.
  • The drop in prices recorded since the beginning of the crisis is now decreasing slightly due to the GOLDEN Visa program.