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 Angelis Nannos, a native Greek based in NYC, explains in his own words how he can change your perspective on museums like the MET.

 “In Food We Trust” is a Culinary Productions & Food Tours company which initiates or is creatively involved in exciting food projects, such as the “Yum Yum MET” tour.

I have always been fascinated by the multiple, potential approaches to food. For example, there are the practical ones: the plethora of ingredients that need to be gathered for it, the wide range of kitchenware with which to cook, the utensils with (or without) which to eat. That’s only a small part of the food narrative. Then, there is the anthropological approach. Food brings people around a table, cements community bonds, and is the ultimate force in the evolution of mankind. Let’s not forget that certain foods have always been symbols of life, love and religious rituals, and have been associated with a wide spectrum of human emotional and intellectual expressions. The Metropolitan Museum, with its vast collections, is the perfect “library” which hosts all of the above and gives us the essence of life: FOOD!

We are keeping the size of our “Yum Yum MET Culinary Art Tour” groups intimate, mostly under 10 guests. The tour is constantly evolving, following the change of seasons, contemporary political events or the exhibits’ rotation. So far, we have developed many customized tours, either for specific audiences or focusing on a certain historical period or region.

The artist couple He Wei and Hu Naishu forms an experimental art group that uses food as its main medium, combining sculpture, installation, design, media, and performance, in order to create participatory art events. They are members of NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator hosted at the New Museum. We are currently collaborating to develop a version of the “Yum Yum MET” tour, focusing on Chinese audiences with a narration in the Mandarin language.

I’m already examining expansion plans involving other museums of NYC (MoMA, Brooklyn Museum) and we are definitely open to collaborations with big American and international art museums. Our experience at the MET gives us the confidence that culinary art tours can be a new global trend.

* www.infoodwetrust.nyc & www.heandhu.com


photo: Angelis Nannos                                                          photo: Angelis Nannos with He Wei and Hu Naishu


 Photos: Eleanna Kokkini, Wei He