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A brand new small scale club, which loves house music and has been created by an experienced team. Every DJ of the domestic scene visits its decks playing tech house every Thursday and house every Friday and Saturday – if you go early you can warm up with milder electronic sounds. There is a small garden for chilling-out, where wine and small dishes of Greek cheese or salmon are served.(22 Iakhou Str, Gazi, tel. 6944845171 - Metro: Kerameikos)





On the outskirts of Plaka, it borrows its name from the title of Alexander Payne’s wine-loving road movie. This cute, tiny wine bar goes on travels of its own, off camera though, by drawing impressions and snapshots of Greek vineyards. The blackboard above a bar lined with wooden boxes and cork lists all the wines served by the glass. The accompaniments are quite simple (bruschetta, cheese and cold cuts, etc.) and the clientele is... multi-varietal, Greek and foreign. (1 Iperidou Str & Nikis Str, Plaka, tel. 2103249100 - Metro: Acropoli / Syntagma)



If you happen to come across it as you stroll in Plaka, it is almost impossible to leave without a jar full of vitamins in hand. In this fresh juice bar, which emphasizes on the locality and seasonality of ingredients, you can choose from dozens of combinations of juices and smoothies, which balance fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs exceptionally. This is the only place where “dakos”, a Greek salad with tomato, anthotyro and feta cheese, capers and savory can be drunk in a glass.(6 Vironos Str& Vakhou Str, tel. 2114017427, www.novagea.com - Metro: Acropoli)

The name cleverly combines the Greek verb“kinono” (meaning “participate”) with the Japanese kimono. Besides, why should you go out if you’ re not “wrapped” in a relaxed mood and eagerness for socializing? Sunny, comfortable, with simple design, it starts the day with coffee and various delicacies, while in the evening the beautiful wavy handcrafted bar gets into a cocktail mood and selected DJs alternate on the console.(48 Falirou Str& Markou Botsari Str, tel. 2114086826 - Metro: Sygrou-Fix)