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Twelve reasons to invest in Greece

Mr Vaggelis Kteniadis, chairman and CEO of V² Development sharing his views on the Greek Permanent Residency Program.

Twelve reasons to invest in Greece

Mr Vaggelis Kteniadis, chairman and CEO of V² Development sharing his views on the Greek Permanent Residency Program.

From its glorious past to a solid present and an even more promising future, V² Development is the No1 residential development company in Greece. A successor to ERGON, the company, that since 1962 has defined the real estate sector in Greece, V² Development has sold over 7000 real estate assets in a wide gamut of applications, ranging from residential and retail to hotels and warehouse facilities for a total of 4.5 million square meters. V² Development has been instrumental in popularising the Greek Permanent Residency Program by catering mainly to Chinese investors, one of the most dynamic segments of the global population interested in these programs. Its Chairman is one of the prime advocates of the Program and the potential it holds for the country.

Vaggelis Kteniadis.
Key Biscayne project.
Show house at the HQ.

Advantages of Greek Permanent Residency Law

1. Permanent Residency: It must be stressed that the programme provides a permanent residency in a Schengen country and not a visa, a 5-years visa or just residency.

2. Ascendants-Descendants of main applicants: All living ascendants and descendants of the main applicants are also eligible for permanent residency.

3. Same Day Approval: It needs to be mentioned that applicants get same-day approval, while their attorney files the application on their behalf and receives the “blue paper”. After 3-6 weeks they will receive their permanent residency card.

4. No prior residency in Greece is required to be eligible or to keep the permanent residency.

5. Selling the property to a citizen of another third world country will automatically constitute a permanent residency directly to the buyer.

6. The owners can transfer the property to their children when they are over 24 years of age, and whoever related has received a permanent residency will still keep it.

7. Owners have a right to rent their property and have a return on their investment.

8. The right to apply for citizenship: Children are required to live and study in Greece for 6 consecutive years before turning 18. Then they can apply for citizenship anytime, without taking a language examination. Adults are required to live in Greece for 183 days/year for 7 years. Then, they need to pass the government’s official Greek language examination before receiving their citizenship.

9. No requirement for applicants to submit official non-criminal records.

10. No need to provide evidence that the money has been taxed by the Chinese government.

11. No money transfer requirements.

12. No medical examination requirements.

Laguna Niguel Alimos.
Laguna Niguel Alimos.
Laguna Niguel Alimos.

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